Lot of rumors this week among horror fiction fandom about a possible reboot of the CLICKERS franchise.

I am pleased to confirm that such a thing is taking place.

CLICKERS was created by J.F. Gonzalez and Mark Williams, who wrote the first novel together. If you have read CLICKERS FOREVER (click here to purchase) then you know that novel’s place in history. It was one of the very first e-books ever published. Mark passed away before the book was published. When the book became a hit, Jesus wanted to keep the franchise going. He knew I was a fan of the first novel, so he asked me to co-write a sequel with him. That book, CLICKERS II: THE NEXT WAVE, was also a hit. We followed it up with CLICKERS III: DAGON RISING and CLICKERS VS. ZOMBIES. We had plans for two more Clickers novels, both set in the past — HIGH PLAINS CLICKERS and SOUTHERN FRIED CLICKERS. Unfortunately, Jesus passed away before we could ever write them.

I said in CLICKERS FOREVER, that I wouldn’t write another Clickers novel without Jesus. That would feel wrong to me. But it also bothered me that the franchise had seemingly come to an end because of that. We had so much fun writing those books, and fandom had so much fun reading them. And it was with that in mind — that collective fun — that his wife, Cathy, came up with an idea. She suggested that we allow other writers to contribute to the franchise — not through short stories like in CLICKERS FOREVER, but in a series of brand-new novels.

And so today I am happy to announce CLICKERS REBOOTED — the working title for a brand-new series of Clickers novels. The new novels will be overseen by myself and Cathy, and will feature all new characters and all new settings. Regular series characters like Rick, Tony, Jennifer and Livingston are retired with Jesus and I. In keeping with the spirit of the originals, each book in the series will be a collaboration between two authors. The authors will change with each book. A glance at the table of contents for CLICKERS FOREVER demonstrates how inclusive the franchise is. That will continue with the new series. And while Jesus’s estate will retain ownership and control over the franchise, the new authors will receive 100% of the advances and royalties for these new books.

The first novel will be written by Stephen Kozeniewski and Wile E. Young — two young authors who were inspired by J.F. Gonzalez and whose literary voices and styles match the gonzo spirit of the original books. Jesus only got to read Stephen’s first novel, BRAINEATER JONES, before passing, but he enjoyed it. And he would have dug Wile E. Young’s stuff, as well. Cathy and I speak with certainty that he would have approved of this pairing, and the future pairings we can’t yet announce, and would have been delighted that the franchise will live on, bringing fun and joy to fans of the genre. That’s what it’s all about. That’s why Jesus and I were best friends — because that’s what we both wanted for everyone else.

If you would like to sample Kozeniewski and Young’s writing before the reboot, might I suggest CATFISH IN THE CRADLE (click here to purchase) and THE HEMATOPHAGES (click here to purchase), or you can read their short story contributions to the Clickers franchise in CLICKERS FOREVER.

If you are a new reader who has not yet read the original five books in the CLICKERS series, you can buy all of them by clicking here and scrolling down to ‘The Clickers Series’.

In closing, I’d like to just say something that long-time readers thought they’d never hear again.


Author: briankeene

Brian Keene writes novels, comics, and stories for a living. It's not a bad gig, but it doesn't get him out of the house much. His books include GHOUL, DARK HOLLOW, DEAD SEA, FEAR OF GRAVITY, THE RISING, TERMINAL, KILL WHITEY, and many more. Several of his short stories have been adapted into graphic novels and several of his novels are slated for film and video game adaptations. The winner of two Bram Stoker awards, Keene’s work has been praised in such diverse places as the New York Times, the History Channel,, Fangoria, and Rue Morgue.

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