Now available in paperback, Kindle, Nook, and Kobo, a new edition of the seminal post-apocalyptic horror novel, featuring an original Introduction by Brian Keene and Cathy Gonzalez.

It began as just another day for David Spires and his wife Tracy: coffee, breakfast, and getting the kids ready for school. Then the bottom dropped out of civilization. The world ends not with a bang or a whimper, but with a dizzying downward spiral. Instead of the rat race of commuters scurrying to beat the clock, humans are now packs of animals reduced to snarling primitives. David, Tracy and their daughter Emily, along with fellow survivors, leave Los Angeles for the safety of the country where fewer people means fewer primitives. But as they venture farther away from the city, they realize an unnatural force is at work. Civilization didn’t just fall apart…it was overtaken by an ancient evil that was present before the first cave paintings. Human history has no formal record of it, but the dark presence that’s fueled nightmares since time began has crept out of the shadows…and its influence is growing.



51gnq4o8g9l-_sy346_ J. F. Gonzalez’s BACK FROM THE DEAD is back in print after a long absence, and available for download right now on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. The paperback edition will be available later this month.

Tim Gaines was the town pariah. Mocked and teased continuously since he was in the sixth grade, he approaches his senior year of high school with a sense of cautious trepidation. Years before, when he was in the sixth grade, a group of boys led by Scott Bradfield – a popular, well-liked kid from well-to-do parents-spread a vicious rumor that he was a devil-worshipper. The rumor stuck, and is believed by most of the students and even a few of the teachers and administrators. It’s a rumor Tim can’t beat, and one he sometimes feels he’s brought on to himself due to his love of horror novels and movies.

Now Tim has become friends with a loose-knit group of kids who have also become social outcasts thanks to other rumors spread about them by the student elite. With their mutual support, Tim has begun to come out of his shell. He’s going out with them, being invited to parties, and even begins to have a romantic interest in a girl, something he never thought would happen to him in high school. But all that will change when Scott Bradfield and his friends set their sights on Tim again. Only this time, they need his help. Like most of the student body of Spring Valley High School, they sincerely believe Tim Gaines is a devil-worshipper. And they believe he has a dark power. Now they want to use him and that power for their own sinister plight…

…To bring back the dead homeless man they’d kidnapped and brutally beaten to a pulp in the guesthouse that resides on the Bradfield residence. They want him brought back not because they’re scared of getting caught for his murder, but so they can savagely beat and murder him again…

…and again…

BACK FROM THE DEAD by J. F. Gonzalez. Available for download right now on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. The paperback edition will be available later this month.


CLICKERS FOREVER: A Tribute to J.F. Gonzalez

Edited by Brian Keene
Illustrated by Hannah Gonzalez
Cover by Dave Kendall

Captivity – J.F. Gonzalez
That Goddamn Grin – Robert Ford
Vanilla Sunshine – Jonathan Janz
Books with Bite – Jonathan Maberry
Back from the Dead – Mike Lombardo
Bangers and Mash – Matt Hayward
Garage Clicker – John Urbancik
On the Contributions of J.F. Gonzalez to Horror Literature – Mary SanGiovanni
My Own Personal Jesus – Wayne Allen Sallee
Algorithms of the Heart – Mike Oliveri
Moist Air – Adam Cesare
On Clickers II – J.F. Gonzalez
Clickers vs. Mandibles: The Tale of an Unwritten Saga – Jeff Strand
Ten Secrets to Survival Clickers Don’t Want You to Know (They Really Hate Number Six) – Jeff Burk
A Birthday Party for Jenny Too Good – Gord Rollo
Belief – Lesley Conner
Shooting Schedule – J.F. Gonzalez
WWJD: Collaborating with J.F. Gonzalez – Wrath James White
Only One Way to Write the End of the Individual: J. F. Gonzalez’s The Corporation – Nick Mamatas
Gracias, hermano: a letter to a man I never met – Gabino Iglesias
Deep into That Dark One Peering – Stephen Kozeniewski
At the Corner of Flanders and Phillipsport – Michael T. Huyck Jr.
Surfing Is My Life: Fear and Loathing on the Northern California Coast – Gene O’Neill
The Folly of the Dead, or, I’m Pretty Sure My Buddy Is A Serial Killer – Geoff Cooper
The Survival of Horror: A Tribute to J.F. Gonzalez’s Survivor – Matt Serafini
For You, Anything – Wesley Southard
WonderClaws™ – Monica J. O’Rourke
Throwing Books – Dave Thomas
Clickbusters – Amber Fallon
Night Run – Kristopher Rufty
A Bad Influence – Robert Swartwood
Grab – Jay Wilburn
Ku Klux Clickers – Wile E. Young
My Own Private L.A. Gangsta – Weston Ochse
Jesus and the Splatterpunks: An Oral History – David J. Schow, John Skipp, and Brian Keene
Bleeding Through – Charles Rutledge
Mabel’s Recipes – J.F. Gonzalez
To the Bitter End – Kyle Lybeck
Complications Of – Kelli Owen




Currently, re-releases of BACK FROM THE DEAD, FETISH, and PRIMITIVE are being worked on. They will be re-issued in trade paperback and e-book. The production will be overseen by Brian Keene, and designed by Robert Swartwood.

A new trade paperback, e-book, and audiobook edition of RESTORE FROM BACK-UP is also in the works, forthcoming from Crossroads Press

SURVIVOR will be the next title released in Thunderstorm Books’ Dark Worlds collector set.

CLICKERS FOREVER is coming along nicely. Signature sheets are currently making the rounds.

Sinister Grin Press says the two prequels to SURVIVOR will be available before the year’s end.

And finally, Gabino Iglesias has been selected by the estate to complete J.F. Gonzalez’s unfinished masterpiece,  THE CROSSROADS. Set in El Paso, Texas, Gonzalez considered THE CROSSROADS to be his most personal, autobiographical work. He’d been writing it in-between other projects, but passed away before it could be completed. Fortunately, as he did with all of his works-in-progress, Gonzalez left behind copious notes and outlines. Gabino will be working from those.

Directly inspired by Gonzalez, Gabino Iglesias is the author of ZERO SAINTS, GUTMOUTH, and HUNGRY DARKNESS.  His nonfiction has appeared in places like The New York Times, Z Magazine, El Nuevo Día, and others. He has a tribute to Gonzalez in the forthcoming CLICKERS FOREVER. To learn more about him, visit his Amazon Page.


Before his death, J.F. Gonzalez had been busy preparing many of his older, out of print books for re-release. Now that the estate have had time to go through all the files, here is a list of currently out of print books that will be reissued.

THE CORPORATION (Trade Paperback only. The e-book is already available)
DO UNTO OTHERS (Trade Paperback only. The e-book is already available)
SHAPESHIFTER (Trade Paperback only. The e-book is already available)
WHEN THE DARKNESS FALLS (Trade Paperback only. The e-book is already available)