Below is the finalized table of contents for the forthcoming CLICKERS FOREVER: A TRIBUTE TO J.F. GONZALEZ anthology. Pre-orders for the limited edition hardcover will begin later this summer via Thunderstorm Books.


Introduction – Brian Keene
Captivity – J.F. Gonzalez
That Goddamn Grin – Robert Ford
Vanilla Sunshine – Jonathan Janz
Books with Bite – Jonathan Maberry
Back from the Dead – Mike Lombardo
Bangers and Mash – Matt Hayward
Garage Clicker – John Urbancik
On the Contributions of J.F. Gonzalez to Horror Literature – Mary SanGiovanni
My Own Personal Jesus – Wayne Allen Sallee
Algorithms of the Heart – Mike Oliveri
Moist Air – Adam Cesare
Clickers vs. Mandibles: The Tale of an Unwritten Saga – Jeff Strand
Ten Secrets to Survival Clickers Don’t Want You to Know (They Really Hate Number Six) – Jeff Burk
A Birthday Party for Jenny Too Good – Gord Rollo
Belief – Lesley Conner
WWJD: Collaborating with J.F. Gonzalez – Wrath James White
Only One Way to Write the End of the Individual: J.F. Gonzalez’s The CorporationNick Mamatas
Gracias, hermano: a letter to a man I never met – Gabino Iglesias
Deep into That Dark One Peering – Stephen Kozeniewski
At the Corner of Flanders and Phillipsport – Michael T. Huyck Jr.
Surfing Is My Life: Fear and Loathing on the Northern California Coast – Gene O’Neill
TBA- Geoff Cooper
The Survival of Horror: A Tribute to J.F. Gonzalez’s SurvivorMatt Serafini
For You, Anything – Wesley Southard
WonderClaws™ – Monica J. O’Rourke
Throwing Books – Dave Thomas
A Bad Influence – Robert Swartwood
Clickbusters – Amber Fallon
Night Run – Kristopher Rufty
Ku Klux Clickers – Wile E. Young
My Own Private L.A. Gangsta – Weston Ochse
Jesus and the Splatterpunks – David J. Schow, John Skipp, and Brian Keene
Grab – Jay Wilburn
Bleeding Through – Charles R. Rutledge
To the Bitter End – Kyle Lybeck
Complications Of… – Kelli Owen
A J.F. Gonzalez Bibliography – Brian Keene