A collection of four novellas, UP JUMPED THE DEVIL is the final book compiled by J. F. Gonzalez before his death. Featuring “Secrets” “Do Unto Others”, “Sins of the Father”, and “Family”, as well as an an Afterword and Story Notes written by the author, and an Introduction by Brian Keene, this is a must have for any fan of J. F. Gonzalez or horror fiction.

On sale now in paperback, and for Kindle, Nook, and Kobo! Click here to purchase.

Up Jumped the Devil

CLICKERS VS. ZOMBIES – New Hardcover Edition

By popular demand, Thunderstorm Books has released a new limited edition hardcover of CLICKERS VS. ZOMBIES. As this is a reprint, it is only signed by Brian Keene. (The original edition was signed by both J.F. Gonzalez and Keene). Click here to snag your copy in time for the holidays!


From best-selling authors J.F. Gonzalez and Brian Keene comes the wildest, pulpiest, most over-the-top installment in the Clickers series yet – a crossover with Keene’s The Rising!

In the aftermath of a devastating tsunami and a series of undersea earthquakes, hordes of Clickers swarm onto the California coastline, slaughtering everything in their path. As the attacks spread to other parts of the world, humanity fights back, unaware that a second foe is about to emerge – Ob, the leader of a supernatural race of beings known as the Siqqusim, who have the ability to possess and reanimate the dead.

Now, Earth faces an invasion from not one, but two enemies – the mindless and hungry Clickers, and the evil and equally ravenous zombies. Both groups have only one goal in mind – the total extermination of the human race. But what happens when these two forces meet…

CLICKERS VS. ZOMBIES – No matter who wins, mankind loses…



Lot of rumors this week among horror fiction fandom about a possible reboot of the CLICKERS franchise.

I am pleased to confirm that such a thing is taking place.

CLICKERS was created by J.F. Gonzalez and Mark Williams, who wrote the first novel together. If you have read CLICKERS FOREVER (click here to purchase) then you know that novel’s place in history. It was one of the very first e-books ever published. Mark passed away before the book was published. When the book became a hit, Jesus wanted to keep the franchise going. He knew I was a fan of the first novel, so he asked me to co-write a sequel with him. That book, CLICKERS II: THE NEXT WAVE, was also a hit. We followed it up with CLICKERS III: DAGON RISING and CLICKERS VS. ZOMBIES. We had plans for two more Clickers novels, both set in the past — HIGH PLAINS CLICKERS and SOUTHERN FRIED CLICKERS. Unfortunately, Jesus passed away before we could ever write them.

I said in CLICKERS FOREVER, that I wouldn’t write another Clickers novel without Jesus. That would feel wrong to me. But it also bothered me that the franchise had seemingly come to an end because of that. We had so much fun writing those books, and fandom had so much fun reading them. And it was with that in mind — that collective fun — that his wife, Cathy, came up with an idea. She suggested that we allow other writers to contribute to the franchise — not through short stories like in CLICKERS FOREVER, but in a series of brand-new novels.

And so today I am happy to announce CLICKERS REBOOTED — the working title for a brand-new series of Clickers novels. The new novels will be overseen by myself and Cathy, and will feature all new characters and all new settings. Regular series characters like Rick, Tony, Jennifer and Livingston are retired with Jesus and I. In keeping with the spirit of the originals, each book in the series will be a collaboration between two authors. The authors will change with each book. A glance at the table of contents for CLICKERS FOREVER demonstrates how inclusive the franchise is. That will continue with the new series. And while Jesus’s estate will retain ownership and control over the franchise, the new authors will receive 100% of the advances and royalties for these new books.

The first novel will be written by Stephen Kozeniewski and Wile E. Young — two young authors who were inspired by J.F. Gonzalez and whose literary voices and styles match the gonzo spirit of the original books. Jesus only got to read Stephen’s first novel, BRAINEATER JONES, before passing, but he enjoyed it. And he would have dug Wile E. Young’s stuff, as well. Cathy and I speak with certainty that he would have approved of this pairing, and the future pairings we can’t yet announce, and would have been delighted that the franchise will live on, bringing fun and joy to fans of the genre. That’s what it’s all about. That’s why Jesus and I were best friends — because that’s what we both wanted for everyone else.

If you would like to sample Kozeniewski and Young’s writing before the reboot, might I suggest CATFISH IN THE CRADLE (click here to purchase) and THE HEMATOPHAGES (click here to purchase), or you can read their short story contributions to the Clickers franchise in CLICKERS FOREVER.

If you are a new reader who has not yet read the original five books in the CLICKERS series, you can buy all of them by clicking here and scrolling down to ‘The Clickers Series’.

In closing, I’d like to just say something that long-time readers thought they’d never hear again.


Happy J.F. Gonzalez Day

Today would have been J.F. Gonzalez’s 54th birthday. To celebrate, here are some recent Gonzalez releases you might have missed:

CLICKERS FOREVER: A TRIBUTE TO J.F. GONZALEZ, edited by Brian Keene, is available now in paperback and for Kindle from Deadite Press. This massive anthology features fiction and non-fiction tributes from some of horror’s biggest names.



RESTORE FROM BACK-UP, a collaboration with Mike Oliveri, is back in print and available in paperback and for Kindle from Crossroads Press. Fans of Bentley Little will enjoy this supernatural novella set in the world of Information Technology.



MONSTERS AND ANIMALS, a posthumous collaboration with Wrath James White, is the long awaited two-books-in-one prequel to the seminal extreme horror novel SURVIVOR, and available now in paperback and for Kindle from Deadite Press.




PRIMITIVE — the post-apocalyptic cult classic — is back in print and available in paperback and for Kindle from Amazon.

CLICKERS FOREVER Now In Paperback and Kindle

Now available in paperback and Kindle!

Few Millennium-era horror authors left as big an imprint on the genre as J.F. Gonzalez. CLICKERS FOREVER: A TRIBUTE TO J.F. GONZALEZ, edited by Brian Keene, celebrates his rich legacy, featuring some of horror’s biggest names alongside tomorrow’s stars in a massive career-spanning tribute.

Featuring stories set in Gonzalez’s literary worlds of CLICKERS, SURVIVOR, PRIMITIVE, and RESTORE FROM BACK-UP; examinations of his creative process and the lasting impact of his seminal works; personal tributes and anecdotes from those who knew him best; and much more. A must-have for fans of J.F. Gonzalez and horror fiction.

The Authors: J.F. Gonzalez, Brian Keene, Jonathan Maberry, Mary SanGiovanni, David J. Schow, John Skipp, Jeff Strand, Weston Ochse, Wayne Allen Sallee, Kelli Owen, Nick Mamatas, Wrath James White, Jonathan Janz, Robert Swartwood, Kristopher Rufty, Adam Cesare, Gene O’Neill, John Urbancik, Gord Rollo, Gabino Iglesias, Monica O’Rourke, Mike Oliveri, Matt Hayward, Robert Ford, Mike Lombardo, Jeff Burk, Lesley Conner, Matt Serafini, Stephen Kozeniewski, Michael T. Huyck, Jay Wilburn, Geoff Cooper, Charles Rutledge, Wesley Southard, Kyle Lybeck, Amber Fallon, Dave Thomas, and Wile E. Young.

All proceeds benefit the family of J.F. Gonzalez